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Peach Teats Pull Through Peach Teat – To Fit Any Feeder x 2 Calf Feeding


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Peach Teats Pull Through Peach Teat

Specifically designed with a narrower teat diameter for easier pull-through attachment to feeders.

Features angled back end for narrow-moated feeders.

Peach Teats allow no more fluids to pass through it than a cow’s udder naturally would, this allows the calf to suckle more intensely than conventional technology.

The Peach Teat’s unique patented internal collapsing flap valve holds the milk in the teat making it much more responsive to the calf’s needs.

It is designed to function like a real cows teat, moving all the time while the calf is suckling and never closing in its relaxed state.

This means that the teat is self cleaning and reduces blockage.

Calves love em!!

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