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ELECTRIC FENCE BUNGEE GATE KIT Insulated Handle For Fencing Gaps Bungee Spring 4.5-9M


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Inexpensive FlexiRope Gate Handle Set

• Can be extended to around twice the length

• Current-carrying, 7 mm elastic rope with 3 x 0.30 mm stainless steel conductors

• No tail hair gets stuck

Electric Fence Elastic Rope Gate Kit 4.5m-9m

High quality, built to last

Elastic Rope gate kit for electric fencing. Can be easily installed to create a gate opening which can transfer the fence current. Robust handle case to protect handle from damage, large grip stops you from getting shocked. Joins current up through gates from one side to another. Tape, rope or wire can be tied to gate handle insulators each side to link the gate to the fence. Elastic Rope can cover up to a 9m distance, also can be used for small openings and can adjust to 4.5m.

Kit Contains

1 x Gate Handle With Hook

1 x Adjustable Elastic Rope

2 x Gate Handle Insulator

1 x Ring Insulator

Additional Information
Weight 0.600 kg