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Forcefield Battery 9V Energiser Alkaline Long Life 90Ah


Forcefield Battery 9V Energiser Alkaline Long Life 90Ah

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Designed to fit in conventional 9v Fence energiser boxes e.g Hotline, AKO, Rutland And Gallagher (If unsure contact us and we can guide)

Type of battery has push fit plugs to connect to energiser.

Forcefield Alkaline Battery for 9v 90AH Electric Fence Energisers

This is a long-life alkaline battery for 9v electric fence energisers.

Alkaline-type 9v batteries maintain a steady voltage output throughout their life unlike the saline type which can start to drop in power fairly quickly – some 9v fencers may not receive enough power from a saline battery.

Suitable for Max 0.8J

This is the smaller size of 9v battery which will fit comfortably in all 9v energiser compartments.

• Dimensions – L185 x W121 x H162mm


Please note: Remove the sticker across the top of the battery several hours before use – this allows air to circulate and start the chemical reaction. It may take several hours for the battery to reach full voltage

If you have any questions regarding this Item we will be more than happy to talk to you

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