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Electric Fence Energiser 9v Battery Powered B125 AKO Ideal For Strip Grazing


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This battery fencer comes with 1 x 9 Volt 90AH battery.

The Ako B125 Battery Fencer is a high quality battery fencer that is suitable for small to medium areas and is ideal for strip grazing. It features an economy mode to conserve power. The Ako B125 Battery Fencer has an “International Protection Rating” of IP44 which means it is fully protected from the elements when it is out in a field.

The Ako B125 Battery Fencer is easy to operate and comes with battery included and the German manufacturers 3 year Guarantee.

Specifications of the Ako B125 Battery Fencer   Info9V12V Output Joules0.17-0.22 Max Output Voltage9400V-10000V Maximum Distance Km 4km-4.5km Usage13-19mA-12-18mA
Features of the Ako B125 Battery Fencer Easy to set up and operate Ideal for strip grazing and small to medium areas Adjustable pulse rate IP65 rating to protect from the elements Battery included.

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